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2014-15 Motlow Women's Basketball Schedule

This schedule is not final and not official
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* Conference Game (all times Central)
Oct. 14TuesdayCanada (scrimmage)Homecancelled
Oct. 20MondayOakwood College (scrimmage)Huntsville, ALW 64-61
Oct. 24FridayFisk University (scrimmage)Nashville, TNW 54-49
Oct. 31FridaySnead StateHome90-96 OT (0-1)
Nov. 7FridayJackson State*Home75-66 (1-0, 1-1)
Nov. 8SaturdayColumbia State*Home63-77 (1-1, 1-2)
Nov. 11TuesdayGadsden StateGadsden, AL61-97 (1-3, 1-1)
Nov. 15SaturdayVolunteer State*Home76-85 (1-4, 1-2)
Nov. 18TuesdayGadsden StateHome79-90 (1-5, 1-2)
Nov. 21FridayCleveland State*Cleveland, TN55-62 (1-6, 1-3)
Nov. 22SaturdayChattanooga State*Chattanooga, TN67-76 (1-7, 1-4)
Nov. 25TuesdayWallace State-HancevilleHome62-79 (1-8, 1-4)
Dec. 2TuesdaySnead StateBoaz, AL2-0 (forfeit) (2-8, 1-4)
Dec. 5FridayRoane State*Home62-87 (2-9, 1-5)
Dec. 6SaturdayWalters State*Home41-69 (2-10, 1-6)
Jan. 8ThursdayWallace State-HancevilleHanceville, AL5:30pm
Jan. 10SaturdayLawson StateBirmingham, AL2pm
Jan. 16FridayDyersburg State*Dyersburg, TN5:30pm
Jan. 17SaturdaySouthwest Tennessee*Memphis, TN2pm
Jan. 24SaturdayVolunteer State*Gallatin, TN2pm
Jan. 30FridayCleveland State*Home5:30pm
Jan. 31SaturdayChattanooga State*Home2pm
Feb. 6FridayRoane State*Harriman, TN4:30pm
Feb. 7SaturdayWalters State*Morristown, TN1pm
Feb. 11WednesdayDyersburg State*Home5:30pm
Feb. 14SaturdaySouthwest Tennessee*Home2pm
Feb. 18WednesdayJackson State*Jackson, TN5:30pm
Feb. 21SaturdayColumbia State*Columbia, TN2pm
Mar. 3-7 TCCAA/Region VII TournamentMemphis, TNTBA
Mar. 16-22 NJCAA National TournamentSalina, KSTBA

2014-15 Motlow College Men's Basketball Schedule

This schedule is not final and not official
Printable Schedule (pdf)

* Conference Game (all times Central)
Oct. 14TuesdayBryan College (scrimmage)Dayton, TNL 90-93 OT
Oct. 18SaturdayDaytona State (2 scrimmages)Atlanta, GAW 44-39
Oct. 18SaturdayGeorgia Perimeter (2 scrimmages)Atlanta, GAW 61-44
Oct. 24FridayMeridian, MS (scrimmage)Fulton, MSW 55-39
Oct. 24FridayItawamba (scrimmage)Fulton, MSW 43-40
Oct. 27MondayLee University (scrimmage)HomeW 97-71
Oct. 31FridaySnead StateHome104-86 (1-0)
Nov. 1SaturdayShooting 4 GreatnessHome105-87 (2-0)
Nov. 7FridayJackson State*Home104-95 (1-0, 3-0)
Nov. 8SaturdayColumbia State*Home97-84 (2-0, 4-0)
Nov. 11TuesdayMartin Methodist JVPulaski, TN98-67 (5-0, 2-0)
Nov. 15SaturdayVolunteer State*Home114-64 (6-0, 3-0)
Nov. 21FridayCleveland State*Cleveland, TN82-78 (7-0, 4-0)
Nov. 22SaturdayChattanooga State*Chattanooga, TN73-81 (7-1, 4-1)
Nov. 25TuesdayWallace State-HancevilleHome76-70 (8-1, 4-1)
Dec. 2TuesdaySnead StateBoaz, AL87-67 (9-1, 4-1)
Dec. 5FridayRoane State*Home119-85 (10-1, 5-1)
Dec. 6SaturdayWalters State*Home74-69 (11-1, 6-1)
Dec. 16TuesdayChipolaMarianna, FL95-111 (11-2, 6-1)
Jan. 6TuesdayMartin Methodist JVHome7:30pm
Jan. 8ThursdayWallace State-HancevilleHanceville, AL7:30pm
Jan. 10SaturdayShooting 4 Greatness AcademyHome4pm
Jan. 16FridayDyersburg State*Dyersburg, TN7:30pm
Jan. 17SaturdaySouthwest Tennessee*Memphis, TN4pm
Jan. 24SaturdayVolunteer State*Gallatin, TN4pm
Jan. 30FridayCleveland State*Home7:30pm
Jan. 31SaturdayChattanooga State*Home4pm
Feb. 2MondayBryan College JVHome7:30pm
Feb. 6FridayRoane State*Harriman, TN6:30pm
Feb. 7SaturdayWalters State*Morristown, TN3pm
Feb. 11WednesdayDyersburg State*Home7:30pm
Feb. 14SaturdaySouthwest Tennessee*Home4pm
Feb. 18WednesdayJackson State*Jackson, TN7:30pm
Feb. 21SaturdayColumbia State*Columbia, TN4pm
Mar. 3-7 TCCAA/Region VII TournamentMemphis, TNTBA
Mar. 16-22 NJCAA National TournamentHutchinson, KSTBA

2015 Motlow Softball Schedule

*Conference games (all times central, all dates doubleheaders)

2015 Motlow Baseball Schedule

* Conference Game (all times CST)

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